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Looking Back: Montezuma County Historical Society Looking Back Hallarville


If you were to ask the man on the street,” where is Hallarville?” You would get a blank stare. Old times know it was a 40 acre roadside business on the north side of U. S. Highway 160, opposite the entrance to Mesa Verde National Park...... Read full article

Mancos and the Arts- Veryl Goodnight Gallery

by Roger Goodnight on

Most small towns have hidden treasures that may not be easy to find. The small town of Mancos has many treasures and they are easy to find. Mancos is a strong arts community, including the prestigious designation as a Colorado Art Creative District..... Read full article

Looking Back: Ed Nolan and His Trading Post - Part 1

by June Head/D.B. McGue on

Ed Noland Insured His Life to Finance Indian Trading Post in Early Days.... Before Cortez was founded; before Montezuma County was organized, a chapter of settling a portion of Colorado, opened one spring morning in 1882 when Oen Edgar Noland....... Read full article

Dig Deeper into Archaeology with Crow Canyon

by Crow Canyon Archaeological Center on

At the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, we believe that the study of the past is an intrinsically worthwhile endeavor that creates more informed and sustainable societies. Through a better understanding of human history, we discover ........ Read full article

Durango’s Iconic Train Station - Animas Museum

by Robert McDaniel on

Durango’s historic railroad depot is an iconic symbol of Durango’s rich history as a railroad town. One of the oldest, most significant and best preserved structures in town, it has anchored Durango’s Main Avenue Historic District for over 136 years.... Read full article

At Crow Canyon, Young Archaeologists Discover The Past

by Crow Canyon Archaeological Center on

Every summer, in Cortez, Colorado, a group of archaeologists will be investigating the history of the ancestral Pueblo Indians (Anasazi)—the people who built the cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde, and whose descendants are the present-day Pueblo....... Read full article

LOOKING BACK - Ho, for the Cliff Houses!

by June Head on

Last Friday morning our party of fourteen mounted their horses enroute for the Cliff Houses in Mancos canon under the guidance of Sterl Thomas. We left Cortez about ten o’clock....................................................... Read full article

LOOKING BACK - Montezuma County Historical Society


Then we lived on the Dolores River at Lone Dome we saw a great deal of the Indians in our first years there. Mr. Dunham used to ride at night so as to escape their attention....... Read full article

Springtime in Canyondlands


Canyonlands-a unique land so distinct and beautiful it is unlike any place else on earth! Nowhere else will you find the fantastic, awesome, inspiring red rock formations that are as much a part of this amazing land as the clear blue skies........ Read full article

The Art of the Wine - Wineries of the Four Corners


Vinification or winemaking is more of an art than a process, and though there are copious online sites with detailed instructions to the process, talking to a vintner is the best way to understand the passion involved when undertaking of the art...... Read full article