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Durango Fire Etched in Girl’s Memory

by Robert McDaniel on

Helen M. Boston never forgot the fire. The frightening image of smoke and flames billowing above downtown Durango became permanently etched in her mind. On July 1, 1939, 50 years later to the day, she penned her recollections . . . ... Read full article

Mancos and the Arts- Veryl Goodnight Gallery

by Roger Goodnight on

Most small towns have hidden treasures that may not be easy to find. The small town of Mancos has many treasures and they are easy to find. Mancos is a strong arts community, including the prestigious designation as a Colorado Art Creative District..... Read full article

Looking Back: Ed Nolan and His Trading Post - Part 2

by June Head/D.B. McGue on

Ed Noland wanted to start a trading post on the San Juan River in the Four Corners region and wanted to trade with both the Utes and the Navajo. In the new town of Durango he walked into the general merchandise store................ Read full article

Durango’s Iconic Train Station - Animas Museum

by Robert McDaniel on

Durango’s historic railroad depot is an iconic symbol of Durango’s rich history as a railroad town. One of the oldest, most significant and best preserved structures in town, it has anchored Durango’s Main Avenue Historic District for over 136 years.... Read full article

LOOKING BACK - Montezuma County Historical Society


Then we lived on the Dolores River at Lone Dome we saw a great deal of the Indians in our first years there. Mr. Dunham used to ride at night so as to escape their attention....... Read full article

Ignacio, Colorado


Ignacio, located in the Heart of Southwestern Colorado. Named after one of the great Ute Indian Chiefs that led his people through many difficult times, the Town of Ignacio is rich with cultural diversity from Indian, Caucasian and Hispanic heritage.... Read full article