At Crow Canyon, Young Archaeologists Discover The Past

At Crow Canyon, Young Archaeologists Discover The Past


Every summer, in Cortez, Colorado, a group of archaeologists will be investigating the history of the ancestral Pueblo Indians (Anasazi)—the people who built the cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde, and whose descendants are the present-day Pueblo people of the Southwest.

It may surprise you to learn that some of them are kids as young as 12. At the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, teens work alongside professional archaeologists, contributing to Crow Canyon's long-term research as they dig, map, and document their finds. They learn about American Indian perspectives on archaeology, and they discuss the relevance of archaeology and history in the modern world. Students come from all over the United States, attracted to the camps’ unique combination of science and adventure—as well as Crow Canyon’s location in one of the country’s most archaeologically rich areas.  
In 2016 Crow Canyon will conduct fieldwork at several sites that date from A.D. 500 to 1280. Young archaeologists can choose from three summer programs, all of which offer hands-on excavation:

At these one-week camps, teens learn excavation techniques, then work alongside professional archaeologists in the field and in the lab. Through hands-on activities, they also experience the daily lives of ancestral Pueblo people. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to start a fire with a bow drill or throw a spear with an atlatl, these camps are for you! 

High school students who are serious about archaeology come to Crow Canyon to get a head start on their careers. It’s a three-week immersion in archaeology, with more than 40 hours of time spent in the field. For students, Field School is a chance to explore career paths in archaeology and related fields—such as anthropology, American Indian studies, and museum studies—and gain experience that will look great on a college application. Students can earn high school or college credit for the program.
All three camps include a full-day guided tour of Mesa Verde National Park. Field School students have opportunities to explore the Four Corners area on weekend field trips. Scholarships are available, including scholarships for local students and American Indian students.

Middle School Archaeology CampJune 17–23, 2018

High School Archaeology CampJuly 15–21, 2018

High School Field SchoolJune 24–July 14, 2018

Crow Canyon Archaeological Center

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