Mancos and the Arts- Veryl Goodnight Gallery

Mancos and the Arts- Veryl Goodnight Gallery

Most small towns have hidden treasures that may not be easy to find. The small town of Mancos has many treasures and they are easy to find. Mancos is a strong arts community, including the town’s prestigious designation as a Colorado Art Creative District.

One of the treasures in Mancos is nationally recognized artist Veryl Goodnight. Veryl has her work throughout the country, including several art museums, universities, two presidential libraries, the Central Intelligence Agency as well as work in Europe and Japan. Veryl is a Fellow of the National Sculpture Society and was recently inducted into the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame in Fort Worth for her representation of the American West in art.

Veryl and her husband Roger Brooks moved from Santa Fe to a small ranch outside of Mancos in 2005. Veryl, always a Westerner, returned to the Colorado mountains of her youth. The vast outdoors, abundant wildlife and the majestic scenery of Colorado’s mountains lured her back to her home state. An avid animal lover, Veryl’s “family” includes two horses, a donkey, four dogs and a cat.

Beginning her professional career as an oil painter at age 19, she began sculpting in bronze as a way to better see the third dimension, helping to improve her painting skills. Veryl then became enamored with sculpting, choosing to concentrate on sculpture until fairly recently when she returned to oil painting full time. Veryl’s largest bronze sculpture at 14,000 pounds has become the de nitive artistic representation of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of Communism in Europe. There are two castings of this monumental sculpture, the American casting is part of the George H. W. Bush Presidential library in Texas. Its twin German casting resides in the Allied Museum in Berlin, Germany.

Veryl owns a boutique art gallery in Mancos featuring her painting and sculpture, plus a few pieces by selected artists. The Veryl Goodnight Gallery is located at 106 Grand Avenue in downtown Mancos. Gallery hours are sometimes sporadic, especially during winter months. In the summer, the gallery is open from 10 to 2, Tuesday through Saturday. For art lovers, the gallery can be opened at other times. Please call to (970) 533-1172 if the gallery is closed.

A complete selection of Veryl’s work is on her website:

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07 May 2018

By Roger Goodnight