Serving Up the Perfect Beer Experience

How to Host a Beer Dinner

Like any gastronomic experience, the proper setting and reparation can mean the difference between an ordinary experience and a fabulous one. Here are a few things to consider when enjoying American craft beer and food.

Taste from Less to More Intense

Alcohol, hops, roast malts, and sweetness can tire your palate, so it’s wise to put the more delicate beers at the start of the tasting.

Glassware Matters

Proper glassware shows off the color, supports the head, and focuses the aroma of beer for the best possible tasting experience. All classic European beer styles have a traditional glass, and American version usually work well in those. Whatever the glass, make sure it is spotlessly clean. Stronger beers should be served in smaller portions.

Observe proper serving temperatures

Each beer tastes best at a certain temperature. Serving a beer too cold masks a lot of flavor and aroma. Serving beer to war, beer loses its wonderful refreshing quality.

Control the Setting

There are many different types of tasting experiences, from formal judging to casual drinking. In all instances, providing a comfortable environment free from distractions will enhance the experience and show off the beers at their best. Light, noise, smoke, room temperature and many other things need to be considered.

Don’t Overdo It

Whether in a beer tasting or a dinner, tasting too many beers can lead to palate overload. Try to limit the number of beers to six to eight tasting portions. Beer contains alcohol, so please enjoy responsibly.


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