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The Town was founded in 1894, though cattle ranchers had been settling the Mancos Valley since the 1870s. Before then, the area had been a part of New Spain and Mexico, and had been inhabited by the Ute and Navajo people. The name 'Mancos' comes from the famous Dominguez-Escalante Expedition of 1776, though the reason for the name remains unclear. Somewhere in the town is the point at which the Expedition crossed the Rio Mancos on its way to California from Old Mexico. At 7,000 feet elevation Mancos sits on the cusp of magnificent mountains and forests where you can camp, fish, mountain bike and hike. A few miles to the west is Mesa Verde National Park – a World Heritage site. Cliff dwelling home of the Ancestral Puebloans, it brims with spiritual wonder and silent mystery. The town of Mancos is an historic community. The town retains its pride in history with several buildings on the State and National Historic Registers while the downtown business district offers visitors art galleries, top notch dining options, as well as a distillery, a coffee house and one of the oldest continuously operating bars in Colorado. Accommodations range from locally owned motels and charming and distinctive B & B’s to camping at the nearby Mancos State Park Recreation Area, known locally as Jackson Lake and this is only the beginning. Whatever the season the Mancos River Valley is here to feed the soul. Our ranchers, artists, writers and business people make sure your visit is complete. The Mancos Valley is truly where the old west meets the new. This is Louis L’Amour country, King of the Western Novel, where you can head out with one of our local outfitters and ride the trails to see the backcountry that L’Amour wrote about. L’Amour lived up the road a bit and many of his novels are set in the region. You can learn more about him by stopping by the Visitors’ Center, where his books are on display and for sale. ​ Perhaps you want to explore the mysteries of the ancient peoples who lived here, farmed here and built the magnificent sandstone structures of Mesa Verde and Hovenweep. Our western outfitters are ready to create a trip for your family that is filled with discovery and adventure in the less traveled territory around the Mancos Valley. Picture yourself sleeping under the stars in a forest of aspen trees; floating down a pristine river beneath towering canyon walls; or learning about the traditional cultures of the Navajo, Hopi or Ute people.

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101 E. Bauer
Mancos, Colorado 81328
United States

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